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Welcome to My Web Page

Here I will Tell you of the things I've been up to and the place I have visited.Feel free to have a look around and listen to some of the music I have recorded throughout my musical journey..


  Charmaine has been in the entertainment industry for  many years,she has done the hard yards with no favours to get her music out there to the people.With 7 albums to date her latest being I Dont Work For A Living....I Wish which is prooving very popular with the fans and people alike who enjoy listening to her very easy australian Bush Ballad Style. 


 Forbes Lachlan River Arts Festival Forbes will be something to look forward to in September there will be something for everyone plus Country Music pictured are some of the locals enjoying the free breaky while discussions were in progress in regard to the above Festival and below a local group entertained during the morning.


 Photo by:Charmaine Pout



   Photo by: Charmaine Pout


 Photo by : Merrill Findlay (used with permission)

 Pictured is Oggy & Charmaine at one of the Lantern making workshops held in Forbes 14th-17th July 2011.It was exciting to have learnt the skill of Lantern making from Tutor Jylle Jackson and others who were experienced in the craft.These lanterns will be part of the parade around Lake Forbes during the Kalari Lachlan River Arts Festival in September.











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