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Anything Goes

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As this Web Site grows I will endevour to include bits and pieces relating to the trucking industry.You may have something of interest to share. Just send an email and it will be included on this page.

You may even have a favourite roadhouse to tell us about or maybe your very own recipe that you prepare on the road for yourself or even just a true story about your life on the road.

Here is the tale of a run away car.

My hubby and I were travelling back from Adelaide and passing through Murry Bridge when a car pulled out from the curb as we rounded this car I just happened to look down at it and made the comment this driver will kill themself if they dont watch where they are going but low an behold this car had no driver in it.My truck driving husband quickly pull the trailer across the road to avoid any other motorists colliding with the run away car,he then jumped out of the truck to see if he could guide the car into the gutter before it caused a major accident the car was locked ,the steering wheel was locked also but somehow he managed to turn it to the gutter.A large crowd just stood and watched in amazement then the lady who owned the car came from the fish shop and was completely stunned and said"I have always told my husband this car had a mind if it's own and offered us a chip but we were all so glad that no one was hurt during this incident.

submitted by:Charmaine Pout
22nd March 2001

Guess who's Dad has a 1928 A Model Sedan


Just For A laugh

It's amazing to hear what a truckies wife has to do when there is no loo.

In the early hours of the morning when you need to go to the loo but there is none in site the Truckie says to his wife "just do it beside the truck no-one is around this hour of the morning" the wife jumps from the truck and is doing what needs to be done when all of a sudden a voice is heard from nowhere"good morning how are you today".Well what does a women do except cut it off quick and hops back into the truck and says to the truck driving hubby" Now you're in for a good day love"
submitted by:The Wife Of A Truckie
19th March.2001

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